Tiffin Motorhomes is a relatively young manufacturer that was started in 1972. Based in Red Rock, Alabama, Tiffin is known primarily for its big, luxurious diesel pushers, though its Allegro gasser line is also popular. Unlike most other RV manufacturers, Tiffin focuses solely on class A rigs.

Building on the popularity of the big Allegro Busses and Phaetons, Bob Tiffin set out to design a smaller diesel rig from the ground up. The result was the Allegro Breeze, which is currently the smallest, most affordable diesel pusher on the market. Introduced for the 2011 model year, the Breeze has undergone a number of revisions to address some of the inherent issues with short diesel pushers.

In addition to the remarkably compact Allegro Breeze line, Tiffin also offers the Allegro RED (for “rear engine diesel), which has a couple floor plans that qualify as small diesel pusher motorhomes.

Allegro Breeze


small diesel motorhome

The Allegro Breeze is the smallest diesel pusher motorhome currently on the market.

The Allegro Breeze is the premier small diesel pusher. These rigs are available in a couple of different floor plans that range from about 28′ to 33′, which is very compact compared to other diesel pushers that are often longer than 40′. In addition to the shorter lengths, these rigs are also shorter in height and just a little bit skinnier than most other diesel pushers. So while they maintain a lot of basement storage space, and provide plenty of headroom, you won’t find another diesel pusher that can squeeze into the spots that the Allegro Breeze navigates with ease.

While the 28′ foot models only offer one slide out, the 33′ models have two. In either case, these slides create a remarkable amount of interior living space in a relatively compact area.

These rigs also come with a lot of the premium touches that you typically expect from diesel pushers.

Breeze Vital Statistics

  • Lengths: 29’ 7″ – 33′ 2″
  • Height: 11′ 2″
  • Width: 95″
  • Interior heights: 6’5″
  • Price range (new): $178,000 – 188,000
  • Fuel economy 10-12 mpg
  • Fuel tank: 65 gal
  • Sleeps 6
  • Fresh water: 70 gal
  • Black water: 30 gal
  • Grey water: 50 gal
  • Basement storage: 45 – 83 cu.ft

Allegro RED


small diesel pusher motorhome

The Allegro RED offers a number of small diesel pusher models.

The Allegro RED is a smaller, more affordable line than Tiffin’s big Allegro Bus, Zephry, and Phaeton lines. Floor plans range from 33′ to 38′, so the upper end of the scale starts to edge out of “small diesel pusher” territory. However, the 33AA is hardly longer than the Allegro Breeze 32BR, and there are a couple other models that also qualify as small motorhomes for our purposes.

Unlike the Allegro Breeze, the RED isn’t strictly marketed as a budget diesel pusher. These rigs are more expensive than their little brothers, and they also come with a few more amenities. Every Allegro RED floor plan includes an optional washer and dryer, and four slide-outs, which create a tremendous amount of interior space in even the 33AA model.

RED Vital Statistics

  • Lengths: 35’3″ – 38’9″
  • Height: 12’10”
  • Width: 101″
  • Interior heights: 7′
  • Price range (new): $178,000 – 188,000
  • Fuel economy: 10-12 mpg
  • Fuel tank: 100 gal
  • Sleeps: 6 – 7
  • Fresh water: 90 gal
  • Black water: 50 gal
  • Grey water: 70 gal
  • Basement storage: 83 – 160 cu.ft

Tiffin Contact Information

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