Jayco started out in 1968 manufacturing folding camping trailers, which they continue to produce today. In addition to those pop up units, they also produce lightweight travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, and motorhomes. All of Jayco’s RVs are built with weight in mind, so many of them weigh less than comparable units in their same class.

Jayco’s current class C lineup includes three gas models, all of which are built on the Ford E350 platform, although not all of them qualify as small class C motorhomes. In addition to those three gas models, Jayco also builds a single diesel class C “toterhome” model. Although these rigs are too long to qualify as small class C motorhomes for the purposes of this buying guide, we’re choosing to look at them more like class A diesel rigs, due to the similarly robust chassis and power plants they offer.

In addition to a number of small class C motorhomes, there is also a single model of small class A Jayco motorhome available.

Jayco’s current lineup of small class C motorhomes and toterhomes includes:

Redhawk 26XSFord E45028'9"55 gal.32/41/33
Melbourne 26AFord E45028'9"55 gal.32.75/34/32
Seneca 36FKFreightliner38'8"74 gal.81.5/41/51.5
Seneca 37FSFreightliner39'1"74 gal.81.5/41/52
Seneca 37RBFreightliner38'9"74 gal.81.5/93/66
Seneca 37TSFreightliner39'1"7481.5/41/51.5
Note: Additional Redhawk and Melbourne models, in addition to all Greyhawk models, measure in at over 30 feet, which is too long for the purposes of this buying guide. We are choosing to include specs for the longer Seneca models in our comparison chart since these "toterhomes" are built on heavy duty Freightliner chassis like class A diesel rigs.

Jayco, Inc. Contact Information

Attn: Owner Relations
903 S. Main Street
Middlebury, IN 46540

Phone: (574) 825-5861
Fax: (574) 825-0679