Coachmen RV was founded in 1964 by three brothers, and it was operated as a family business for about ten years. It was then operated as a highly successful public company for nearly nearly three decades before becoming part of Forest River, which itself is a subsidiary of Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway. Although Coachmen RV continues to operate out of Middlebury, IN, where it was originally founded almost half a century ago, it currently builds almost all of its RVs in a modern facility that spans roughly 120 acres.

As a prominent division of Forest River, Coachmen produces everything from tiny pop up campers to mammoth class A rigs. While Coachmen’s shortest available class A rigs are on the upper end of what we would consider “short,” there are also a number of small class C Coachmen motorhomes to choose from.

Coachmen’s current lineup of small class A motorhomes includes:

Mirada 29DSFord Super Duty31'11"80 gal.66/45/45
Mirada SE 29DS SEFord Super Duty32'6"80 gal.66/43/43
Pursuit 29SBPFord Super Duty32'6"80 gal.50/45/45
Pursuit 31BDPFord Super Duty32'6"80 gal.50/45/45

Coachmen RV Contact Information

Coachmen RV
423 North Main
Middlebury, IN 46540

P.O. Box 30
Middlebury, IN 46540

Sales: (800) 353-7383
Service: (800) 453-6064