Diesel Motorhomes

Diesel motorhomes are more expensive than gas-powered rigs pretty much across the board, but the increased price tag generally comes hand in hand with better gas mileage, more torque, and premium trim options.

small diesel pusher

Tiffin’s Allegro Breeze is one of the few small diesel pushers on the market.

Small Diesel Pusher Quick Comparison Guide

Price RangeLength RangeSleepsFuel TankFresh / Black / GrayBasement Storage
Allegro Breeze$178,000 - 188,00029'7" - 33'2"665 gal70/30/5045 - 83 cu.ft
Allegro Red$215,000 - 230,00035'3" - 38'9"6-7100 gal90/50/7083 - 160 cu.ft
Thor Palazzo$149,000 - 195,00034’ 5″ - 37′ 3″6 - 890 gal95/43/43136 - 181 cu.ft
Thor Tuscany XTE$180,000 - 360,00035' - 40'6100 gal91/51/51140 - 215 cu.ft
Monaco Diplomat$318,000+37'4" - 44'3"4 - 6100 gal100/40/62

A Range of Diesel Options

While most small motorhomes are gas-powered, you will find a smattering of diesel options among each of the different classes. These small diesel motorhomes are more expensive than their gas counterparts, but they offer more torque (and towing power), typically provide better gas mileage, and come with premium trim options to match their premium prices.

Small Class B and C Diesel Motorhomes

Diesel engines are available in a number of small class B rigs, which are priced accordingly. When it comes to class C diesel motorhomes, one common configuration is the so-called “toterhome.” These rigs rival class A motorhomes in size, luxury, and price, but they can also tow a lot more than traditional class C rigs. They also tend more towards the large side than the small.

Small Diesel Pushers

The term “diesel pusher” refers to bus-style class A rigs that have rear-mounted diesel engines. These rigs have more open living space up front, since there is no “dog house” engine cover between the driver and passenger seats. The entryway is often located at the front of the rig, just like a bus, though some of them have mid-entries like other motorhomes.

Most diesel pushers are upwards of 40 feet in length, but a handful of manufacturers offer smaller options. The shortest diesel pushers are actually sub-30-feet, and there are also a few in the ~35 foot range. Some of these rigs suffer from handling problems, though stabilizers and other hardware can minimize fishtailing and other issues.

Small Diesel Pusher Manufacturers

While there are a great many RV manufacturers that make great diesel pushers, only a handful have sub-35-foot rigs in their lineups, and a number of others that have models in the sub-40-foot range. Manufacturers of sub-30-foot small diesel pushers include:

And manufacturers of relatively small class A diesel motorhomes that clock in at ~35 – 40 feet include: