Roadtrek is a manufacturer of class B motorhomes that originally got its start as Home & Park Motorhomes. When Roadtrek founder Jac Hanemaayer decided that he wanted a kind of class B rig that didn’t quite exist yet in the early 1970s, he commissioned Road & Park to build one to his specifications. He later purchased the company that would eventually become Roadtrek.

By the year 1990, Roadtrek had already grown to become the most popular manufacturer of class B rig, and the company has remained the number one class B manufacturer to this day. While their lineup is limited to class B rigs, they have models that sleep anywhere from two to five people and seat up to seven when driving.

Current Roadtrek models are offered on three different platforms: Chevrolet, Mercedes, and Nissan. Their Chevy and Nissan models run on gas, while their rigs that are built on the Mercedes Sprinter platform use diesel powerplants.

Roadtrek’s current lineup includes:

ModelPlatformSeatingSleepsMSRP (USD)
170 VersatileChevrolet Express 250074$83,655+
190 PopularChevrolet Express 350054$90,961+
210 PopularChevrolet Express 350053$102,375+
CS AdventurousMercedes Sprinter63$114,885+
RS E-trekMercedes Sprinter75$127,686+
RS AdventurousMercedes Sprinter74$111,475+
SS AgileMercedes Sprinter52$103,948+
Ranger RTChevrolet 250042$74,256+
N6 ActiveNissan NV 250065$65,260+

Roadtrek Contact Information

Roadtrek Motorhomes, Inc
100 Shirley Avenue,
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, N2B 2E1

Phone: (519) 745-1169
Toll free: (888) 762-3873
Fax: (519) 745-1160