Class B Motorhomes

Class B motorhomes are the quintessential camper vans that have been steadily gaining popularity since the 1970s. Unlike your typical conversion van, class B motorhomes are designed from the ground up by RV manufacturers, and they contain many of the same features and amenities seen in much larger class C and class A rigs.

Class B motorhomes offer a balance of comfort and usability.

Class B motorhomes typically aren’t much bigger than the vans that they are based on.

Vital Statistics

  • Lengths ~16′ – 30′
  • Heights ~8’6″ – 10′ (taller with pop tops and accessories like a/c)
  • Widths ~6’5″ – 7′
  • Price range (new) ~$50,000 – $100,000+
  • Fuel economy ~18-25 mpg (gas) 22-25 mpg (diesel)
  • Sleeps 2-4 (some B+ rigs sleep 6)

Smallest of the Small

When size is truly a concern, little class Bs are the ultimate small motorhomes. The smallest ones are no longer than the van platforms they are built on, but the longest ones stretch out to nearly thirty feet. At that point, the main differences between a long B+ and a C are height, width, and the lack of a cabover bunk. Even the longest class B+ motorhomes stick much closer to the overall profile of a van.

Daily Driver, or Hit the Road?

Regardless of overall length, class B motorhomes remain extremely easy to maneuver  drive, park, and store. The longer B+ rigs won’t fit into a standard parking space, but they can slide easily into a double space. The shorter ones, however, can easily double as daily drivers. These small motorhomes are just as easy to drive and park as regular vans, so many people ditch their extra car and just use their class B to commute, run errands, or even tailgate.

The extreme maneuverability and decent gas mileage offered by class B motorhomes also makes them great for road trips. Some van conversions have dropped floors that are poorly suited for driving on rough back roads, but that is rarely an issue with class B rigs. The shorter length and better maneuverability also makes them well suited to fitting into the smaller, more out of the way national and state parks.

A Variety of Platforms

Class B motorhomes are built on a number of different van platforms. Most of these rigs are designed around vans from:

  • Mercedes
  • Ford
  • GMC
  • Dodge

Manufacturers of Class B Motorhomes

Some of the most popular class B and B+ motorhome manufacturers include: