Class C Motorhomes

Small class C motorhomes are built on truck chassis, and they feature recognizable truck or van cabs. That’s where the similarity between class B motorhomes and these rigs ends though, since RV manufacturers build class C motorhomes on cutaway chassis. So while the cab may be recognizable as a Ford or GMC van, everything behind that is custom-built.

While small class C motorhomes are available in the ~20′ range, and they have been built even shorter than that, they are significantly wider and taller than class B rigs. That translates to more head room and significantly more interior living and storage space than you’ll find in a class B motorhome. Of course, that also means that some people find them a little harder to drive and park, although small class C motorhomes can often be squeezed into regular-sized parking spots.

small class c motorhomes

Small class C motorhomes have come a long way since the “minnie winnie”

Vital Statistics

  • Lengths 20’+
  • Heights ~10′ – 11’6″
  • Widths ~7’6″ – 8’6″
  • Interior heights ~6’+
  • Price range (new) ~$50,000 – $150,000+
  • Fuel economy ~10 mpg (gas) 12-20 mpg (diesel)
  • Sleeps 4-8

Small Class C Motorhome Quick Comparison Guide

PlatformPrice*LengthSleepsFuel TankFresh / Black / Gray
Freelander 19CB
350 Ford$50,00021'6"440 gal.50/28/22
Tioga Montara 23B
350 Ford$55,00024'4.5"640 gal.50/36/36
Holiday Rambler
Aluma-Lite 23RB
350 Ford$70,00023'11"640 gal.61/33/35
Redhawk 26XS
450 Ford$60,00028'9"655 gal.32/41/33
Minnie Winnie 22R
350 FordTBD23'8"655 gal.40/21/24
*Note: Pricing information is for 2013 models where available and is for informational purposes only. Actual pricing will depend on a variety of factors.

Small Class C Motorhomes: Happy Medium

Small class C motorhomes strike a happy medium between camper vans and bigger class A rigs. They tend to get somewhat better gas mileage than class A motorhomes, especially when outfitted with diesel power plants, but the chassis are often loaded for bear. Smaller class Cs can come in underweight, but rigs that approach 30′ are often right at capacity before you ever start loading on people and luggage.

Extra Sleeping Space

One of the most readily apparent benefits of the class C is the cabover bunk. This feature adds additional storage and sleeping space, which makes even small class C motorhomes particularly well suited to larger families. Everything else being equal, a class C rig will sleep two more people than a class A motorhome with the same exact length and layout.

Endless Options

While some late model class B rigs offer slide-outs, class C motorhomes can feature two or more slides. These rigs can also come with high powered generators, multiple air conditioning units, top of the line entertainment systems, and many other creature comforts.

Manufacturers of Small Class C Motorhomes

Some of the most popular manufacturers of small class C motorhomes include: