Small Motorhomes Buying Guide

motorhome covers

Are Motorhome Covers Worth It?

Question: Are motorhome covers really necessary? I’m a new motorhome owner,  and just driving around town, I’ve seen a lot of people with motorhome covers. I also see a lot of people who don’t...

big diesel motorhomes dwarf smaller rigs

Diesel Motorhomes Vs. Gassers

One of the first questions that any prospective motorhome buyer needs to ask is “diesel or gas?” While the overwhelming majority of rigs run on gasoline, there are plenty of diesel motorhomes (including small...

weigh station

How Much Can My Motorhome Tow?

Question: How much can my motorhome tow? My motorhome has a trailer hitch, and I’m thinking about towing a boat this summer. I have a pretty small motorhome with good visibility, so I’m confident...