Holiday Rambler

Holiday Rambler is one of the best-known luxury RV brands on the market. Founded in 1953, and owned at one time by Harley-Davidson, Holiday Rambler was purchased by fellow luxury brand Monaco in the 1990s. In 2013, both brands were bought by Allied Specialty Vehicles, which is the entity formed by American Industrial Partners after its purchase of Fleetwood.

Holiday Rambler currently offers two diesel pusher models, both of which skew towards the long end of the spectrum. The shortest configuration of each model edges in under 40 feet, which is at the absolute upper end of our qualifications for what constitutes a “small” class A diesel. All of these rigs are built on MaxxForce chassis with Allison transmissions and include the sort of high end interior touches that have come to be associated with Holiday Rambler over the years.

Holiday Rambler’s current lineup of small diesel pushers includes:

Endeavor 36PFTMaxxForce37'4"100gal100/62/40
Ambassador 36PFTMaxxForce37'4"100gal100/62/40
Note: The Ambassador 36PFT starts at $273,126. The Endeavor 36PFT starts at $318,357. Other Ambassador and Endeavor models are well over 40 feet in length, which is too long to qualify as small diesel pushers for the purposes of this buyer's guide.

Holiday Rambler Contact Data

Corporate Offices
606 Nelson’s Parkway
Wakarusa, IN 46573
(877) 252-4666

606 Nelson’s Parkway
Wakarusa, IN 46573
(800) 650-7337