Although Fleetwood was founded in 1950 as a window blind manufacturer called Coach Specialities, it was in full swing as a travel trailer manufacturer by 1953. It became a publicly traded company roughly ten years later, and was a Fortune 500 business by 1973. For decades, Fleetwood operated as one of the top RV manufacturers in the world, with its flagship brands like Bounder, Southwind, and Pace Arrow each grabbing a large share of the market. By 2007, Fleetwood was the number one RV manufacturer in the world, and they also operated a manufactured housing division.

Since 2010, Fleetwood has been operated as a division of American Industrial Partners’ “Allied Specialty Vehicles.” American Industrial Partners acquired the RV segment of Fleetwood’s business in 2009, while another company purchased the manufactured housing assets. As a part of Allied Specialty Vehicles, which has a combined yearly revenue of over $1BB USD, Fleetwood continues to produce a range of class C, class A, and class A diesel rigs.

Fleetwood’s current small class C gas lineup includes:

ModelPlatformLengthStorage (ext)MSRP (USD)
Jamboree Sport 25GFord E45026'2.5"100 cu.ft.$79,260+
Jamboree Sport 28ZFord E45029'2.5"102 cu.ft.$87,640+
Tioga Ranger 25GFord E45026'2.5"100 cu.ft.$79,216+
Tioga Ranger 28ZFord E35029'2.5"102 cu.ft.$87,640"
Jamboree Searcher 23BFord E35024' 4.5"27 cu.ft.$66,570
Jamboree Searcher 25KFord E350
Ford E450
26' 2.5"88 cu.ft.$74,060
Tioga Montara 23BFord E35024' 4.5"27 cu.ft.$66,570
Tioga Montara 25KFord E350
Ford E450
26' 2.5"88 cu.ft.$74,060

Fleetwood’s current small class C diesel lineup includes:

ModelPlatformLengthHitch RatingMSRP (USD)
Jamboree DSL 24DMercedes Sprinter25'2"3,500lbs$104,160
Jamboree DSL 24RMercedes Sprinter25'2"3,500lbs$106,540
Tioga DSL 24DMercedes Sprinter25'2"3,500lbs$104,160
Tioga DSL 24RMercedes Sprinter25'2"3,500lbs$106,540
Jamboree Sport DSL 24LMercedes Sprinter25'2"3,500lbs$90,580
Jamboree Sport DSL 24RMercedes Sprinter25'2"3,500lbs$95,900
Tioga Ranger DSL 24LMercedes Sprinter25'2"3,500lbs$90,580
Tioga Ranger DSL 24RMercedes Sprinter25'2"3,500lbs$95,900

Fleetwood RV Contact Information

Fleetwood RV

1031 US 224 East
Decatur, IN 46733

PO Box 31
Decatur, IN 46733

Customer service: (800) 322-8216